Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Making Handkerchiefs

With our challenge not to buy clothes for a year MrShoestring started to clear out his wardrobe and discovered 40 long sleeved shirts. This is too many even though we are doing a clothing challenge so reluctantly he parted with 20 of them. I cut them up to save the buttons and the fabric for patchwork and we gave a few to the charity shop.

However, there were two shirts where the collar was worn and they were made of a fine linen, ideal for making handkerchiefs. Cloth is much softer on the nose than paper when you have a cold and I had been looking for some bigger hankies as I find ladies' ones are too small. I cut all the fabric from the shirts into large squares using pinking shears so the cloth would not fray.

Then I ironed the seam allowances and started to sew the hems. It took an hour in the evening and I had 15 new hankies ! Not bad from 2 old shirts ! I have been trying them out over the past few days and they work fine. With so many hankies now I should never run out and have to use paper ones. Better for my nose and my pocket !

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