Friday, 20 January 2017

Frugal Things we did this week !

Everyone is still at home so it has been especially important to watch the pennies !

We cooked all our meals at home and had a nice birthday party at home. We turned off the heating one it was warm and lowered the thermostat on some radiators in USAShoestring's room. 

I only put £20 worth of petrol in the car and made it last, that meant no trip to IKEA to spend a £20 voucher as I'll wait for a week when I'm not doing so much taking to school and the station.

When we ran out of things I waited before going to the store and will go today. We ran out of sugar but used carob syrup instead.

I posted off some books to see if I can get some money for them. I also listed a few on Amazon. I did get some money for some old broken gold jewellery and that was worth doing. I also got a £5 Amazon voucher from Swagbucks so that was good.

It is nice to see that the nights are getting slightly lighter, so I've planted a few tomato seeds and put them in the airing cupboard to germinate, next week I'll do some lettuce. Withe the very cold weather in Europe they are predicting that the price of vegetables will rise, so need to think about the garden now !

I hope you had a lovely, thrifty week too ! I used the pressure cooker but still think I like the slow cooker best !


  1. I have used the pressure cooker, and it works good, but I agree, the slow cooker still does a better job :) It always feels great to save those pennies by cutting back on things here and there. Happy savings :)

  2. Thanks ! We seem to be doing OK this month inspite of some unexpected expenses. Ten days to go, good luck to you too !