Saturday, 28 January 2017

Gardening Plans

So the tomato seedlings are up, with another one making its appearance this morning and the mustard and cress have sprouted !

The cress always grows faster than the mustard but I never remember this and always plant them together. It must be something from childhood !

I had been going to plant lettuce but when I went to the stock of seeds I only had lettuce that needed for hours of daylight to sprout, so I shall plant that in March.

Nearly February and it has been so cold here that my plans to spend an hour a day in the garden have been put on hold waiting for better weather !

I am still very keen to grow as much as we can this year and so we are thinking about not growing potatoes as they take up a lot of space. Now we have found a farmer that grows them and can get them for a good price it seems for sensible to plant things that are expensive in the shops.

MrShoestring has already stuck some prunings from the raspberries and blackcurrants in the ground in the hope that they will sprout to form new plants. This worked last year so he's hoping it will again and we can expand the berry patch. Soft fruit is something I never buy in the shops as it is too expensive so growing your own is what we do. We have had good success with strawberries and blackcurrants but we never get enough raspberries to do anything with them except eat them buy the handful, so it would be good to have a few more canes.

The other thing we want to do is put up more protection against slugs and birds. The leek crop was much depleted because of their interference this year so I'm going to work on that this year. We're also going to grow succession plantings of lettuce as we eat that every week.

How are your garden plans ?


  1. You are quite a bit ahead of us it would seem but we are getting ready to order seeds and we are doing some dreaming! :-) We can't actually plant anything until May. Though in early April we will start seeds inside.

  2. I remember that long wait from when we lived in the USA ! It's great to plan though for those long summer days !

  3. It's the first year we've had a garden, and Elena and I haven't got many seeds, so we might take part in this, which gives us another excuse to send illustrated envelopes to strangers