Monday, 16 January 2017

Car Breakdown Insurance

So having decided that the AA deal was not a good one I still needed to find breakdown insurance for this year. The renewal quote from the RAC was nine pounds higher than last year and said that their price included a substantial discount. However, we didn't use them last year so I was looking for a price less than last year or as close as possible to it as that is what I had budgeted for.

We do like to have breakdown insurance as the car is over 8 years old now and the last time we had to get it taken from home to the garage it cost £40 and a motorway tow can be three times that cost. So we always buy the minimum level of cover which would repair the car away from home or get us to a garage that could do it. We like to have both drivers covered so that we know we are covered whoever is driving.

So with all that in mind I telephoned the RAC. No the could not give me a discount, no they could not match a cheaper price, the best they could do was same price and add 2 months to the cover or an extra service. I did not want extra services and although an extra 2 months might have been value for money I wanted to spend less money now not in 12 months time so I asked to cancel. They were very polite and cancelled the policy form its end date.

Now to find replacement cover. It was straight over to the Moneysaving expert website and their guide on getting the cheapest cover. I worked my way through the guide and at the end there was a link to a new comparison website where they had negotiated an extra percentage off. It was really simple to use the comparison site and with the extra discount this was the cheapest price I was quoted. We are all signed up now at at £4.50 less than the same cover cost last year.

You might think that it was a lot of trouble for a small saving but it took around an hour to do everything and I saved just over £14 compared to the renewal price quoted by RAC. That is like getting paid for 2 hours at a minimum wage job. Best of all for me it meant that I stayed on budget and that £4.50 can be put towards something else !

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