Thursday, 12 January 2017

Saving on Printer Costs

I have talked before about saving money on home printing but when I calculated the figures I was surprised at how much I saved, so I thought that you might be interested too !

Firstly we always print on cheap paper, I aim to pay no more than £2.50 for 500 sheets of paper. Sometimes I get this price by buying in bulk and sometimes I get it by buying  the Saver range in a store. We also print on both sides of the paper and re-use sheets that have only been printed on one side if they are just for out own use. We use around 5 reams a year so if I buy the cheapest paper that costs me £12.50. If I buy the next level up, which is only an extra £1 per ream then the cost rises to £17.50 !

Cheaper printer cartridges show an even bigger saving. Buying a single own brand cartridge for our printer costs around £11, the manufacturer brand costs at least £2 more. We use around 6 cartridges a year so that is a difference of another £12.

So printing costs annually using the cheap method costs around £78.50 which comes out of the household budget and I would be happy to het it lower. If we go the next level up then it costs another £17, taking it quite close to £100. So it really pays to shop around for printer supplies ! Researching this article has shown me another source of printer cartridges at only £9 each so I shall be ordering from them and seeing if the printer will accept them !

Good luck with your shopping around !


  1. Hi, Poundland sell reams of plain A4 white paper which is good value and quality. I won't buy paper from anywhere else now. Loving your blog. Julie South Wales

  2. Hi Julie,

    That is a great tip ! I haven't seen paper there before but will definitely check it out ! Thanks so much and also for saying that you like the blog !