Monday, 23 January 2017

Mending a Tap

When I was cleaning the bathroom on Friday the hot tap by one of the sinks would not turn off properly. I knew that either the washer or the valve on the tap had worn. The tap was gushing hot water so I bound it up with some string to stop it running until MrShoestring would be home, I did not want to lose a tank of hot water whilst we waited for the repair. You might be wondering why I didn't tackle the repair myself, but you need a pair of pliers to turn the neck of the tap and although I could find those I wasn't strong enough to loosen the tap !

Fortunately, we had saved a pair of taps from a few years ago when we replaced the bath and they were still in the workshop in the box. MrShoestring turned off the water and quickly replaced the part that was worn. We had wanted to replace the whole tap but it turned out that they were different sizes, so he just replaced the part that was worn and now we have a perfectly working tap.

There was a little problem, in that the taps do not match perfectly now. They are the same colour and a similar style but not the same height. We are not bothered by this as we would rather have the saving and nobody but us ever uses that bathroom, we have another one for guests. It was a quick repair in the end and we were so thankful that MrShoestring could do it himself rather than having to call the plumber !

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  1. That would be a significant savings to avoid calling a plumber! Good job.