Thursday, 19 January 2017

Selling Books Online

So with ultra frugal January underway but then having some unexpected expenses, like that new retainer for Master Shoestring, I have been looking for easy ways to make some money. One of the things I have done previously is to sell books on Amazon and a few things on Ebay. However, another frugal blogger talked about Ziffit for selling books and CDs so I thought that I would give it a go.

I've just sent them a trial parcel to see how things work out and so far it was really easy. I selected some management and leadership books which we don't need anymore and typed in the ISBN number from the back on the website, the value they would offer for the book was then displayed. This was usually much less than you would get from selling on Amazon but you can package up a whole lot of books and be paid all at once. They don't charge postage so once I had reached £14 worth I found an old orange box and packaged them up. You have to drop them off at a collection point but that was no extra travel as I was going past with Master Shoestring anyway.

You get a receipt from the collection point and then wait for the books to arrive and be checked before you get paid. So far it has all gone very smoothly and if I get paid promptly I could imagine doing this again as it is much less hassle than taking individual books to the post office.

I think not could be a great way to continue with the decluttering which has ground to a halt over the past few days !


  1. I hope you get your money, I'm still waiting !

    1. The longest I have had to wait is about 12 days.

    2. Thanks so much, I've been waiting a week so it's good to know that's normal !