Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Sticking to the Goals

Today MasterShoestring had a table tennis tournament in a big town about an hour North of here. It would take several hours to finish the competition and was too far away to make it worthwhile coming home again before he had finished. The table tennis venue is right on the edge of a big shopping area and the design of the town means that there isn't anything else to look at if you don't fancy 4 hours of table tennis !

So I decided to go prepared ! I made sure that MasterShoestring had something to eat before we left and we took 2 water bottles and some biscuits with us for him. Then I took a flask of tea and an apple for me and a book from the library which I hadn't started.

Our plans worked ! MasterShoestring enjoyed the table tennis, ate the biscuits, drank the water and didn't need a stop to eat on the way home. I looked around the shops, spent 25p on another packet of biscuits to keep MasterShoestring fortified on the way home and did not spend anything else ! It was fun to look and then when it got too cold and dark I went to watch the table tennis and read my book in the gallery when MasterShoestring wasn't playing. One of the items I liked was a magazine about homemade gifts but ir cost £7.99 and I realised that I had patterns to make all the things included at home already.

It was fun to of somewhere new and NOT spend !

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