Monday, 6 February 2017

A Freshly Made Bed

Having a comfy bed has saved us a bit of money over the years as now we do not need to pay so much for back treatment ! We have always had a wooden framed bed with slats rather than a box spring and have always replaced the mattress every 10 years. However, the last time we needed a new mattress we also bought a slightly larger bed, a kingsize, to allow for more moving around at night and a memory foam mattress. The mattress was really expensive and the only reason we bought it is because it was half price as it had some delivery marks on it. The orthopaedic surgeon I was seeing for a prolapsed disc recommended trying one, so we went for it. I can honestly say it has been a wonderful investment, no more back pain and no more expensive visits to the chiropractor either !

The quilt is an old one which I bought over 16 years ago and this photograph makes me realise that I should start planning to make a new one to replace it. I have enough fabric, thanks to cutting up all those old shirts in January, but I am quite worried about trying to quilt such a large piece of fabric using my ordinary sewing machine. I think that the thing to do might be to make separate squares and quilt those and then finally sew them all together. I don't think I fancy hand-quilting a bedspread on my own.

We also have cotton sheets and duvet cover on the bed and in the winter months use an electric blanket to warm up the bed before we get in. I've got bad memories of burning my hand filling a hot water bottle so those are left to MissShoestring now !

A comfy bed is definitely a frugal pleasure !

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