Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Little Corners of Home

This week I have been tidying up and decluttering again as I have a few more pupils coming for tuition and I want the place to look welcoming and tidy. As I was trying to see the rooms where we will be working through new eyes I realised that it's not fabulous new furniture or storage ideas that make your house a home but all the cosy, little things which are meaningful to you. These do not have to cost a lot or take a lot of time to arrange. I picked out three areas in our home to show you what I mean.

The first is a picture which MissShoestring painted for a special wedding anniversary, it hangs in our bedroom and brightens up a corner where otherwise only a dressing gown hangs. You can see our love of sunsets shining through !

The second is this lovely quilt which we have hung on a bare wall. It was made by some ex-pupils, each one made a square and it is a lovely reminder of our time in the USA. It brightens up a wall where otherwise there would be nothing.

This final picture is a wee peek at our 'nature corner' on the dining room table. It is still dark enough to make lighting a candle at the evening meal a cosy thing to do and the vase holds 5 snowdrops from the garden to remind us that Spring is nearly here. The postcards are from a collection that I have built up over the years and they can be changed to match the seasons and festivals.

I couldn't buy any of these things at a fancy homeward store but all of them make our house a home !


  1. What a beautiful painting MissShoestring has painted. So beautiful to look at and in sentiment. I love the idea of your photo frame being interchangeable with the seasons. I may steal that idea! �� Julie S.Wales

  2. Dear Julie,

    I hope that you can make use of that idea and will pass your compliments on to MissShoestring. Many thanks for commenting !