Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Books !

Now that USAShoestring has finished clearing out his books we have 2 nearly full bookshelves which were empty before ! We all love books and it is hard to let them go. USAShoestring is still hanging on to his university books but I predict that in a few years time those will go as well.

On the bottom shelf on the left hand side are the very few books we have kept from when the children were young. We have got a few picture books from Elsa Beskow and an illustrated Beatrix Potter. The sort of timeless books that we know that any young visitors will love.

Along from there are all the Sharpe novels and Patrick O Brien books which MasterShoestring wanted to read. These are great for middle teens as they are very historically accurate, have a rousing storyline and are full of good values. However, MissShoestring never liked them, too many battles for her !

Then the top shelf is mainly the books I got at jumble sales to read on the long commute last term. I haven't finished them all so that is plenty of reading material to hold in reserve in case I can't get to the library or when we go on holiday. We all have a horror of running out of something to read but what with this little lot, the library and a few free books on the Kindle, I think we are fine for some time to come and almost no money down !

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