Thursday, 9 February 2017


Now that the days are definitely getting longer, we don't have to draw the curtains so quickly in the afternoon and are enjoying some lovely Winter sunsets.

The picture above was taken at our house in the USA, hence the lovely snow on the ground !

Enjoying a sunset is a real frugal pleasure. All those lovely colours and no predictions of what is going to happen. I'm sure that if this was a leisure attraction people would definitely be charged to watch it !

One of my favourite poems is all about the sunset :-

Sunset by Emily Pauline Johnson

To-night the west o'er-brims with warmest dyes; Its chalice overflows With pools of purple colouring the skies, Aflood with gold and rose; And some hot soul seems throbbing close to mine, As sinks the sun within that world of wine. 
I seem to hear a bar of music float And swoon into the west; My ear can scarcely catch the whispered note, But something in my breast 
Blends with that strain, till both accord in one, 
As cloud and colour blend at set of sun. 
And twilight comes with grey and restful eyes, As ashes follow flame. But O! I heard a voice from those rich skies Call tenderly my name; It was as if some priestly fingers stole In benedictions o'er my lonely soul. 
I know not why, but all my being longed And leapt at that sweet call; My heart outreached its arms, all passion thronged And beat against Fate's wall, Crying in utter homesickness to be Near to a heart that loves and leans to me. AT SUNSET 

I think that the opening line about the West overbrimming with warm colours exactly describes what a pleasure a sunset is. I hope that you can enjoy one soon !


  1. I also love to see a sunset!! I am appreciating the lengthening days as well.

  2. Yes ! I can't wait to get out into the garden but it's snowing here today with a cold wind !