Friday, 3 February 2017

Frugal Friday

So this week was very frugal as we waited for the start of the new month. I waited until Wednesday to go grocery shopping and to buy petrol for the car. This meant doing without flour and driving to school whilst the petrol tank gauge read empty. I was determined not to crack and so made a loaf of bread from some gluten-free flour and put ten pounds worth of petrol in the car using a gift card we had been given ! MasterShoestring was a bit upset not to have pancakes for breakfast and I got a bit tired of pasta but we survived and had savings to bank which was a definite win. It would have been really easy just to go and buy what we needed but I really didn't want to do that.

Wednesday I went and did the big grocery shop and filled up the car and decided that just going to one shop where the prices were pretty cheap was going to be cheaper than visiting lots of shops to try and buy all the loss leaders. The big shop cost just over £88 and should last us all month with a few top ups for fruit.

I sold some more books to ziffit and made £60 over the course of the month so that is a tidy sum to put in the holiday account. I also transferred the interest we earned on the current account and just over £8 which I made selling a book on Amazon into the holiday account too. It is adding up nicely.

Three members of the family are trying to lose weight and so we have not been eating pudding every day this week and that has saved quite a bit, also it saves time in the kitchen so I have more time to work on decluttering. This week USAShoestring finished going through all of the things he had been storing here and was able to donate several nice pieces of clothing to MrShoestring so our 'buy no new clothes' for adults campaign is working very well so far.

We are going to continue to try and save as much as possible this month in order to pay for a Geography field trip for MasterShoestring which is happening in April so that will be a good focus to carry on cutting costs !

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