Sunday, 26 February 2017

An Unexpected Pleasure

One of the unexpected pleasures last week was that an envelope, which came as part of the Royal Mail survey I do, arrived with a hand drawn picture of a pug on the envelope. The picture took up all the space on the front of the envelope with the address written around the picture. I thought that it was really ingenious and saved it to show everyone I met that day.

On the back were the details of the artist and a website that you could look at to find out more about the project. The website is and apparently it is run by a group of people who have committed to decorate an envelope and send it every day for a year. The original of my envelope is on there, as well as some really clever pictures, like the one where the queen's head on the stamp as been used to develop a whole picture of her Majesty posting a letter !

The envelope and the website made me smile and gave me a lot of pleasure. It also made me think about whether I could draw some pictures on envelopes I send ! My drawing skills are not that good but I could put a little joke in a lunchbox or pin a cartoon on the bathroom mirror. So I think this week I shall start to look for a few little ways to make other members of the family smile ! It costs nothing but some thought and can really cheer up someone's day !


  1. Nothing like a pug in the post to brighten up your day :-)

    Anyone can make mailart, no need to be Picasso or Holbein. Just add a little flourish to an envelope or postcard and pop it in the post. Simple!

  2. Dear Andy,

    Thank you for your encouragement ! I think that I shall give it a go with my next posting for the Royal Mail Survey.