Saturday, 18 February 2017

A Visit to Brighton

Yesterday I had to go to Brighton for some trustee training and took my camera and set off very early, at 0620, to try and avoid the traffic. I had visions of arriving early and wandering around the quirky shopping and stunning architecture, perhaps with a little walk along the beach !

In the event I spent quite a lot of time here.

This is the Asda car park about 3 miles along the promenade close to the marina. You may be wondering why I would drive to the seaside and park in a supermarket car park ? The answer of course, was to save money !!

There isn't much parking in Brighton and what there is, is very expensive. The supermarket car park allowed me to have  a little snooze on arrival and visit their super clean toilets whilst I waited for my training venue to open.

We often find a supermarket to have  a picnic close by when we are on holiday as the food is reasonably priced, if we haven't got a picnic and the toilets are always handy and usually clean and well-equipped. This can be a godsend if you are travelling with youngsters who get travel sick. You can even go and buy a  cheap outfit if you can't reach the clean clothes packed under all the camping stuff. Yes, we have had to do this !

It was very misty yesterday first thing so I had a wander around the streets of Brighton instead of the beach and decided that I'll go back another day for the beach ! The free training was good and came with a free fish and chips lunch, what a pity I couldn't eat it ! However, it took nearly an hour to arrive and I was able to eat my packed lunch at 1pm and not endure an hour's hungry wait . This has happened before on training days and makes me glad that I have to bring a lunch. Perhaps I should have suggested they nip down to Asda for lunch ?

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