Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Reckoning

So, with the help of our annual spending spreadsheet and the January envelope system I was able to reckon up that in January we spent £1349.50 and were able to put away £150.50 in savings.

This was better than I was reckoning on after buying a new retainer and an air ticket, which were not expenses we had reckoned on. I would have liked to have been able to save a bit more to put towards expenses later in the year, such as medical and car bills, but think we did well to save anything at all after having 2 extra adults staying all month !

Miss Shoestring is off on another interview, so we hope that she will get something soon and USAShoestring has his visa renewal interview next week, so February should prove a little less expensive. It's also half-term month which means savings on transport, but a bit less in income.

I had a look to see which months we get a break from paying the Community Charge but it is March and April round here, so we're still paying it in February. So, it will be another ultra-frugal month round here and I've got a plan to try and use my camera more to let you see some of our daily pleasures. So roll on February with its lighter evenings and hopefully, slightly warmer temperatures !


  1. It always feels good to save some money, even if it isn't as much as we'd like. You did a great job this January! It's those unexpected expenses that are always so tough. Happy first day of February :)

  2. Candlemas today, 2nd February, traditionally the day when you no longer needed to light candles to have breakfast by. So today we ate pancakes without putting the light on ! That should save a bit on the electric bill !