Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day Meal

We shall be having a delicious meal of steak and chips as our Valentine's Day treat but it will be in our beautifully, decorated dining room rather than a restaurant and the portion sizes will be a little smaller !

I picked up a pack of 4 sandwich steaks for £2.21 in December and put it in the freezer to save. We have potatoes from the farmer at 15p per kilogram and the salad cost 40p, so the main course will cost under £1 per serving and means everyone in the family can have something special, rather than just the two of us ! For dessert I am going to make individually sized chocolate brownies. The 2 youngest can have ice cream with their brownies and I'll cut them into heart shapes.

MrShoestring is within 7lbs of his target weight, so this will help him still have a treat whilst staying fit and healthy !

It is nice to do something special together, so we are planning a walk up Ivinghoe Beacon, if it is not raining, but we will not be spending on excessively priced flowers, chocolates or cards. There is something rather nice about knowing you love one another after 30 odd years without a Hallmark card to tell you !

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