Saturday, 25 February 2017

A Trip to the Library

I realised that I needed to go the library when I looked online to see when some books I had ordered would be coming and discovered a fine of £2.10 ! At first I thought that it was a mistake but then I realised that magazines could only be kept for a week and I had three which were a day late. Not so frugal, until I realised that I could cancel the books I had been waiting for, which were now too late to help with my assignment, using the money  refunded to pay the fine and be 90p in credit. I did all this online and then set off for the library, keen not to incur any more fines.

Once there, I picked up two books to help with gardening this season.

The first was this one with detailed information about what to do on your allotment when. We don't have an allotment but our garden is larger than usual so I always find these sorts of books handy to look through and this one has recipes as well. I also picked up the Which guide to the Garderner's Year Made Easy which is right up my street and has lots of colour pictures telling you what to do each week.

To make up for the books I cancelled I found two more about mindfulness which is what we have to read about for the course.

This was the first one I found and I'll have to read it to find out whether it will be helpful. Similarly with the second one which is called Mindfulness on the Go.

Finally, a couple of books for fun.

We are hoping to drive down and see Venice in the Summer. All the family has been apart from MasterShoestring who would really like to go. He agreed that it could be a camping holiday as long as he gets to see Venice. So this book will help me plan some other places to visit as well.

I also got this one.

We have always loved The Little Prince, so much so that MrShoestring read it to me again whilst we were in labour with USAShoestring so I am hoping this new sequel will be as heartwarming as the classic.

I love the library, you can always find something you want to have a look at and if it turns out not to be as good as you thought you can just return it and choose another, no money wasted on a book that is not as good as the front cover led you to believe. If it is a really good book then you can start to look for a cheap copy to add to your own library ! Enjoy your library this weekend !


  1. Morning. Our library sends out emails a few days before books are due for renewal. This avoids any fees. It may be worth looking to see if your library offers this facility too. Julie. S Wales

  2. Dear Julie,

    Thanks for this tip, I'll definitely investigate as I wasn't pleased to have to pay late fees !