Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Line Drying Clothes

It was such a lovely day yesterday that we quickly washed all MissShoestring's dirty clothes and MasterShoestring's dressing gown and bedspread. I knew that I could get a head start on drying the heavier items outside, as the predicted afternoon temperature was 15C. This is the temperature that I look for so that I know there is a good chance that the whole load will be nearly dry or completely dry by the end of the afternoon.

The other thing we do to ensure quick drying outside is to be sure to hang the large, heavier items on the big clothesline at the end of the garden. This means that we can spread them out and only one layer of fabric needs to dry. We reserve the smaller clothes post, which is telescopic and has looped layers of washing line for smaller things which won't be at a disadvantage from hanging close to other wet washing.

Experience over the years has also taught me that woollen jumpers like to lie flat, if you let them drip then they stretch. It is best to hang trousers, skirts and dresses from the hem rather than the waistband as the waistband is thicker and takes longer to dry. But socks and underwear should be hung from the top so the thicker toe and gusset have a chance to dry.

Plastic clothes pegs do not rot if left out in the rain the way wooden ones do but they break more easily so I like the wooden pegs which are all in one piece or if I can't get those plastic ones which come all in one piece. These do break quite easily, especially if used on a thick piece of fabric but they do not have a metal spring top rust which can leave marks on your washing. If the pegs do get wet then I leave them on some newspaper on a sunny windowsill to dry off.

Yesterday's weather was another gift that let's us know that Spring is on the way, I can't wait until all the washing is drying outside once more !


  1. Great tips on how to hang out laundry to get it dried quicker! Spring is quite a ways off here, we are getting snow today. Glad your temps are warming up, spring is always so joyous :)