Sunday, 19 February 2017


This week I have been lucky enough to be up in time to see the sunrise and the sunset. At this time of year the days begin to get significantly longer fairly quickly. Today, round here, sunrise is at 0711 with sunset at 1723 but by the end of next week sunrise will be at 0654 and sunset at 1737, so 17 minutes difference in the time the sun rises and 14 minutes difference in the time the sun sets. This means that we have over half an hour of extra day light just over one week. I have noticed that we are not putting the lights on in the mornings anymore and that the curtains are being closed later in the evening, so that will definitely be helping with the electricity bill. It is also lovely to have the beautiful sunrises and sunsets to enjoy. It reminds me of the old hymn line .. " New every morning is the love .."

New every morning is the love
Our wakening and uprising prove;
Through sleep and darkness safely brought,
Restored to life and power and thought.
New mercies, each returning day,
Hover around us while we pray;
New perils past, new sins forgiven,
New thoughts of God, new hopes of heaven.
If, on our daily course, our mind
Be set to hallow all we find,
New treasures still, of countless price,
God will provide for sacrifice.
Old friends, old scenes, will lovelier be,
As more of heaven in each we see;
Some softening gleam of love and prayer
Shall dawn on every cross and care.
We need not bid, for cloistered cell,
Our neighbor and our words farewell,
Nor strive to find ourselves too high
For sinful man beneath the sky.
The trivial round, the common task,
Will furnish all we ought to ask;
Room to deny ourselves, a road
To bring us daily nearer God.
Seek we no more; content with these,
Let present rapture, comfort, ease—
As heaven shall bid them, come and go:
The secret this of rest below.
Only, O Lord, in Thy dear love,
Fit us for perfect rest above,
And help us, this and every day,
To live more nearly as we pray.

Enjoy your Sunday !

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