Thursday, 2 February 2017

Buying a car

I'm a bit late getting this post up today as there was much excitement in the household last night when Miss Shoestring arrived with a 'new to her' car.

It's a Toyota iQ, so really small and does not have any road tax as the emissions are so low. She has been researching cars for a couple of weeks now and thought that having a car might make commuting to jobs and interviews a bit easier. She test drove lots of cars and decided on a make and model and a target price and then went hunting for something that fitted the bill.

She almost bought a car just a few miles from here but they wouldn't move on the price even though she was paying with cash, so she just walked away.

Finally she got a deal 120 miles away which included MOT and service for a year and new tyres and was the target price. So having confirmed her car insurance she went and got it and drove it home yesterday.

She is very excited and we know that she has made a sensible buy which has a great reliability record and will be cheap to run. We're also really happy that she will be able to drive herself to the station !

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