Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Lovely Cuppa

This is one of my favourite mugs sitting in front of the kettle whilst I get ready to make a cup of tea. I like floral, bone china mugs, not too thick and quite light. I have a few different ones and enjoy choosing which one I am going to use. I prefer mugs to a cup and saucer as the tea seems to stay warm longer and you also get more without having to go back to the teapot ! I use loose leaf tea and now drink decaffeinated to keep the daily caffeine consumption low as I drink more than 5 cups a day. I like it very weak with just a splash of milk in the bottom. This is one of my frugal pleasures in the day and I often think about having a cuppa out but then decide that the one at home, made in a favourite mug, will taste much better and be better for my purse !

MrShoestring prefers coffee but also has a preferred style. He likes stripy mugs and decaffeinated coffee made in a cafetiere. We have a little one, for when he is just making a cup for himself and a much larger one for family breakfasts or for making enough coffee to put in a flask to take out and about. The family know that if they are stuck for a present that some flavourful tea or coffee from a good supplier will definitely hit the spot !

Stopping for a cuppa breaks up the weekend nicely for us and gives us enough strength to go on with the next thing on the 'to-do' list which today includes mending the front porch light and a dripping tap !

Enjoy your cuppas today !


  1. I love your bone china mug! It is so pretty, and I like to drink a lot of tea too. Hope your day is full and productive :)

  2. Thanks ! We hope the same for you !