Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Signs that the end of Winter is on its way

The last 2 days have been quite sunny here and although Monday was still a bit chilly, yesterday was up into double figures in centigrade ! Along the roadside I have seen a very early clump of daffodils and the hazel catkins are out along the road too. I thought that I would go out into the garden and see what signs of new life I could find.

The first thing that I saw was that the 3 little Winter heathers that I had planted close to the front door were in flower. I haven't seen any bees near them yet, but when a really warm day comes I know that I will see them hovering around the white and purple flowers.

The second thing I saw was this little, tiny snowdrop just poking its head above the grass. It is not open yet and some of the neighbours have whole clumps in bloom, but it is welcome sign that Spring is on the way. The front of the house is usually in shadow at this time of the year and I think that is why the flowers take so long to open.

The third thing I saw was this lovely tree with its pink blossom, so tiny and delicate, just trying to open. It was very pretty and I brought a few sprigs inside to brighten up the table in the kitchen.

Just as I was coming in, the sun struck the laurel hedge down the driveway and looked strong and vibrant, not at all like weak and watery Winter sunshine ! So I took a picture so I can remember that the sun is getting stronger and that Spring is on its way, just in case we get a few more of those completely grey days before the end of the month !

Looking round the garden only took a few minutes, taking the pictures cost me nothing and yet it reminded me that I don't have to spend any money to have a good time and keep my spirits high !

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