Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Buying Potatoes Locally

Inspired by 'An English Homestead' we decided to get a 25kg sack of potatoes to see us through until the Christmas holidays. Prices should be lower just now as there are plenty of potatoes and they will keep well in the garage. So we set off for the nearest greengrocers shop that we knew had them, about 20 miles away.

On the way I remembered seeing a little sign advertising local potatoes much closer to home, about 5 miles away. Off we went down the country lanes and found the farm and they had 2 different sorts of potatoes in stock. They were only doing 1/2 bags and I thought that when the farmer quoted the price that was for a 1/2 bag. It turned out that it was £7 for a whole bag or 25kg. This is 28p a kilo so I quickly changed my mind ! The farmer also told us that he knew the wholesaler and his potatoes were cheaper !

We got 25kg of 'Wilja' which is a versatile white potato that is good for boiling, roasting and making jackets so I can't wait to taste them !

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