Saturday, 8 October 2016

Making your own Shortbread

I had planned to make a few rounds of shortbread for some Christmas gifts this year and have been saving pretty tins to package them up in. However, in Lidl this week they had really pretty tins of shortbread biscuits with lovely watercolour pictures of Paris on them so I picked up a few of them. Each tin only cost £1.99 and thinking about how busy I am up until the holidays made me very tempted to buy them. They nearly went into the trolley at a cost of just under £8 which I had not budgeted for.Then I reminded myself about how good homemade shortbread tastes, that I already had pretty tins at home and that I could make shortbread at home for far less and make lots of it !

When I got home I costed my recipe.

4oz butter = 42.5p (85p unsalted butter at Lidl)
2oz caster sugar = 2.5p (45p sugar from Lidl, ground finer at home)
6oz plain flour = 5.4p ( 45p plain flour at Lidl)

Grand total for ingredients is just over 50p ! Even allowing for a bit of power to grind the sugar finer or cooking in the oven the cost is going to be far less and the result much nicer. I just have to find the time at the weekend to do it. If I'm really pushed I could also do it one day during half term and pop all the biscuits in the freezer until I need them.

I was so glad that I had put the tins back !

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