Thursday, 20 October 2016

Maling Leaf Mould

With all of the leaves turning beautiful colours and starting to fall now is the time to make leaf mould. Leaf mould is an excellent conditioner for your soil, especially clay soil like we have.

Leaf mould is also very easy to make. Just gather up the leaves and leave them to rot down safely in an out of the way bit of the garden. Mr Shoestring has made some bins at the back of the garden but you can also use very strong garden waste sacks. You just fill the sacks with leaves, tie them off and then leave them in the garden until next Spring.

Mr Shoestring's other favourite thing is to the run the lawnmower on fine over any leaves which have dropped on the lawn. This chops up the leaves very small and makes a sort of instant leaf mould to fertilise the lawn. It only works with very light coverings of leaves. Heavy falls have to be cleared away with a rake and put in the leaf piles otherwise they will smother the lawn

Good luck with your leaf mould making !


  1. This is a great tip! I don't have any leaves to gather here, as we have all pine trees. However, I like to pick up bags of leaves from areas that do have leaves, and let them mold, as you shared. Great tip!

    1. Thanks for saying you liked the tip. Pine needles are great for areas where you don't want things to grow, like making pathways !