Saturday, 22 October 2016

Things to do for Half Term

So it is half term, time to find out all the free things in your area ! Master Shoestring started his holiday on Friday already and as a teenager likes to do his own thing so that makes moneysaving easy for me ! However, I well remember how essential it was to have a plan, especially for this time of year when the weather can be unreliable.

First thing to do is to block in some play dates. One day when yours go to someone else and one day when you have someone over. This costs only the food for the extra mouth or two which comes over to you and is a great chance to get the children to learn how to cook something themselves. So that is 2 days taken care of. Then have 1 special day when perhaps you catch a bus or a train or go somewhere in the car. If you live near the sea or countryside that could mean a visit to a local beauty spot to run around to let off some steam and then have a picnic. Only cost is the transport.

The remaining 2 days can be based on something which involves indoor activity, crafting for Christmas and making your own Halloween costume from what is on hand around the house are both good moneysaving activities which the children will enjoy. We have also done a pyjama day and watched movies and played board games all day which was great for a cold , wet day.

Lots of memories, lots of fun and NOT lots of money spent !

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