Thursday, 13 October 2016

Save on Children's Party Presents

I've written before about keeping a present cupboard but mostly I just stock it with presents that I know I will need, for example for birthdays and christmas in the family. However, Master Shoestring still sometimes comes home with an unexpected party invitation, as he did last week and then I need to have  a few other strategies up my sleeve as teenagers are often not keen on the sorts of generic presents I might have in stock.

For circumstances like this, where you might need to buy something a bot more personal I have found it useful to hold onto any gift cards we are given and then use these to purchase a present. That is what we did for Master Shoestring's party invitation. He needed two presents, one for a girl and one for a boy and he was able to choose something nice and pay for it with a gift card that he had been given for his birthday but did not want to use as the store had nothing he wanted. Everybody was pleased, no-one spent any money and the recipients still got nice gifts !

I always keep birthday cards, ribbon and paper in stock so Master Shoestring did not have to spend anything for a night's entertainment !

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