Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Saving on Printer Cartidges

Over the years we have spent quite a bit of money on printer cartridges. One, rather annoying printer, would refuse to print unless it had a manufacturers cartridge installed. The only way to save money with that printer was to set the print size to very small and not very dark. Also to look to see who had special offers on those particular cartridges and then stock up. However, we were caught out one day when the printer died and we had to put the rest of the stockpiled cartridges on Freecycle !

Now we have a printer that will accept cheaper cartridges and these cost about half the price of the other ones. We also have a place in town which will refill your cartridges for you and you can buy kits to do this yourself. We have done both of these things but could never get the cartridges to work in the printer afterwards. Perhaps it is time to try again, now we have a less fussy printer ?

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