Monday, 3 October 2016

Jumble Sale Haul

I went to 2 jumble sales over the weekend and was delighted at the number of good books I got at such a good price. At the first one the books were 20p each and I bought 3 good ones for the commute, much cheaper than a paper or magazine for the train. The entry fee was only 20p as well which is much cheaper than normal round here. 

At the second one, in the afternoon, I arrived a bit later and they had just reduced the price of the books to 10 for a £1. I had not planned to buy so many but at that price the challenge was on to find 10 that I would read. One of the books was this less well known one by Trollope which I have not read. I like Anthony Trollope, as although his books are quite wordy his observation of people is so accurate that I think the stories remain relevant today, so I am looking forward to reading that one. Since the price was so little I was also able to take a chance on a few more popular books which I otherwise would not have bought.

I've also been to the library this week, so no chance of running out of reading matter this week !

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