Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Shopping at Lidl

This month I had picked up a £5 off a £40 spend voucher for Lidl out of the Metro paper. The voucher expired on 30th September so I decided to do my October grocery shopping 1 day early to take advantage of the discount. The only problem with that was that it meant that I would have to go late in the evening after work on a Friday.

What I discovered was that this was a quiet time to go, which meant that I got round the shop faster than usual. However, it also meant that they were out of stock of a number of items which I had been planning to get, most particularly, chocolate and meat. In the end it was alright because I just substituted the missing items for something else. In all cases the substitutions were cheaper than the original items so I was able to give my second money saving voucher to the people behind me in the queue. They were delighted and I was pleased to help someone out at a time of the week when everyone is tired.

I was very pleased that the whole shop came to under £50. So I was able to go and buy a few organic items somewhere else this month and have some surplus for any unexpected bargains later on !


  1. I haven't been to lidl yet. I've heard good things though.

  2. If you get the chance I would recommend it, the car park is full of Mercedes and Porsche as the millionaires round here know how to hang on to their pennies !