Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Lawnmower Care

Mr Shoestring has been busy this week taking care of the lawnmower so that it will be in good order next Spring. Having a big petrol lawnmower, like we have, serviced can cost well over a hundred pounds, so a bit of care now is very cost effective.

First of all, after the last cut of the year, add fuel stabiliser to the fuel that is left. Then fill up the mower with fuel. Run the machine for a few minutes to circulate the stabiliser throughout the engine. If you don't do that the fuel can go sludgy and make the mower difficult to start next year. Filling the mower up stops moisture getting into the engine. Also, use the service kit which came with the mower, or get one from a garden service machinery outlet so you can sharpen and grease your mower. This will mean that it does not rust and get blunt in storage over the winter. Finally, store the mower in a dry place as moisture is the enemy of mowers !

Do all of the above to ensure an easy start to Spring mowing with no expensive bills !

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