Saturday, 29 October 2016

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Master Shoestring has a new favourite ice cream, coconut milk ice cream made at home. This is the reason I am a bit late posting today as he just had to make a cookie dough version first thing this morning !

The recipe is really easy, just coconut milk, a sweetener like maple syrup and arrowroot to thicken  and then you can flavour it as you wish. His favourite so far is still the vanilla, he is not so keen on the chocolate and will try the cookie dough at lunchtime, as soon as it is sufficiently frozen !

I can thoroughly recommend it as a frugal ice cream too as even full price 500ml costs around £1.50 to make which is half the price of buying it in the shops. This ice cream is smooth and creamy and much easier to scoop than homemade sorbet,which is what we had been making !

Right, off to make mincemeat, Halloween biscuits, doughnuts, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding as back to commuting on Monday !

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