Friday, 7 October 2016

Mending a Duvet

We have a double duvet which has a very high tog rating, 15 rather than the usual 13.5. We've had it a few years and it is very handy for very cold days or particularly chilly guests. A few months ago we noticed that the thin cover, which keeps all the filling in place had split. I didn't want to through away the duvet so had a go at mending the cover by hand. The tear just got worse as the new stitches pulled on the thin cover material. I knew that it really needed machine mending, but I couldn't wrestle a double duvet under the food of my sewing machine. So I just left it in the cupboard and every time I took it out a bit more filling escaped.

Then I had a brainwave. What it really needed was a new cover. Perhaps an ordinary double duvet cover would do. So I found one and tried it out. It worked a treat. Only problem was that I only keep 2 sets of linen for each bed so now our bed was one duvet cover down. This works in the Summer when washing dried quickly on the line but would not work later on in the year.

Last Saturday at the jumble sale I found the perfect replacement cover. The duvet is as good as new, the new cover only cost £1 and we have our duvet cover back. We have also saved the cost of a new duvet and saved a mass of filling from landfill, a definite win-win. The scouts also got £1 !

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