Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Reckoning !

I have been updating the accounts last week and now it is 1st October can see the final results for September. We underspent on food a bit since Master Shoestring thought that he would eat more school lunch than he did. This is good news as it gives me a few more pounds to spend on meals which are not school lunches. Not so good were the over £500 worth of medical bills, a visit to the chiropodist for Mr Shoestring and my annual visit to the national specialist for my eyes. Without those expenses we would have done fairly well at sticking to £1500 for all our expenses which I would be pleased with as we are spending over £200 a month extra commuting into London. This should mean that eventually we can stick to our monthly budget for early retirement. That is encouraging as at the moment the figures look way out ! Roll on January when we shall go back to spending less on transport again !

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