Friday, 14 October 2016

Calculating the cost of saving

This week I have been giving some thought to how much it can cost you to save money. For instance I have a set radius that I am prepared to drive to a jumble sale, around 10 miles, as otherwise it is beginning to cost me a significant amount in petrol. Similarly I won't take the car out unless I can do more than 1 errand on the way.

This feel I was planning to go to Lidl to do my grocery shopping as the savings are so great and the saving on chocolate would have paid for the petrol. However, I was tired, it was Friday night and I decided that my time was also worth something. So, I went to the closest store and spent the same as if I had gone to Lidl but without the peril cost. Your time is also worth something, especially if you could be doing something else with it to help build a healthy lifestyle. I spent the extra time saying 'hi' to Miss Shoestring who is just back from USA. Well worth it !

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