Sunday, 23 October 2016

Pause to say 'Thank You'

I am just a toddler blogger at present, but writing here everyday gives me as much pleasure as those bubbles gave Master Shoestring a few years ago ! 

I just wanted to say a huge 'Thank you' to all the people who are followers ;- Jackie, Gary, Barbara, Jada, Jean, Over The Top, Kev, Abbi, Chrissy, flour girl, Nim and Christine. I never believed that anyone would want to read what I write, let alone have people follow along ! Thank you so much for wanting to encourage a fellow frugalista !

Also a big 'Thank You' to all of you who read but don't want to follow ! You are by far the majority and also sometimes add a comment or two ( you know who you are and I love to read a comment  and always respond within a day or two!)

One of the funniest things I find when I come back to the blog to see what the post looks like is that there are often quite funny typo mistakes in the post, we were 'maling' leaf mould last week ! So another 'Thank you ' is in order for putting up with all my mistakes.

I will have more time to spend on the blog in January and would love to hear what sort of posts you would like to see ? My most popular one so far was about an IKEA voucher. Do you want more deals and vouchers or do you prefer the more everyday stuff ? Do add a comment to let me know !

I'm also thinking that the blog could do with a makeover to celebrate its first birthday and I hope to get around blog land a bit more and comment on other people's posts and join in with gatherings like Frugal Friday. It would also be good to hear  what you think about adverts and monetising a blog. One of my favourite bloggers, Crystal over at Moneysaving Mom does do this but one of my other favourites, Angela at Tracing Rainbows does not, I would love to hear what you think ?

Enjoy your Sunday and have a think about who you would like to thank !


  1. Hi, I've only recently discovered your blog but the reasons I now read it daily are because there are no adverts and because you talk about such a broad section of money saving/every day stuff. I won't follow any blogs that have adverts because I'm trying to avoid the temptations to spend money. To me, adverts on a moneysaving blog defeat the object. I think you're doing a brilliant job and I'd love to see more if the same. ��

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you so much for commenting, it is lovely to hear that you read everyday and very motivating to hear that you prefer blogs which are ad free !