Sunday, 9 October 2016

Chocolate covered Strabwrries

A friend asked me to make some of these for a teenage party after she discovered that her fridge was so full of food to feed the hordes that she could not fit anything else in !

They are easy to do and doing them myself means that I could be sure that the chocolate used was one that Master Shoestring could have.

All you have to do is melt the chocolate of your choice and then swirl the strawberries in. I did buy other fruit but there were enough strawberries in the value packs that I bought to feed 30 teenagers so I shall just use the other fruit for something else. The whole platter also only used a single 100g bar of chocolate so that was pretty economical too. A bit more expensive was finding strawberries at this time of year. At first I was planning to use raspberries and kiwi but then found 400g strawberries for £1.09, which was a greater weight for a smaller price so just went with those in the end.

The strawberries were a hit and the whole platter cost less than £5 to make so I was well pleased !

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